Securing Motion Picture Investments

The Stanley Stray brand is seeking financiers, for a motion picture featuring the adventures of Stanley Stray.  Films in some way can be high risk or high reward, we will work with the worlds biggest bank, accountants, and auditors to guarantee you 100% finance return in an agreed time frame, guaranteeing interest, guaranteeing profit and guaranteeing above all to make a class one brand new Hollywood Movie to entertainment the world.

Movie Financing / Business Plan:

       Title                  Genre                    Budget                         Return         Profit Offered       

  Stanley Stray         Family              $10m - $100m                    100%               50%

System #1: 100% of Budget Deposited,  Bank Matches Funds Dollar for Dollar in 90 Days, 100% of Funds Returned.

System #2: Minimum Guarantee from Distributor of 50% to Financier, Filmmakers Government Tax Credit Signed Over to Financier 17% to 40% depending if filmed in UK or Canada.

System #3: Direct Investment Into Movie Filmmakers Tax Credit Signed  Over to financiers.  Normally $1m to $2m investment.

Lets be Frank, it is undisputed Hollywood Movies Make Collosall Profits if the movie is good, distributors will all buy it over cost, after completed.

To discuss investing  or lending with or without risk in our movie Produced in UK, USA or Worldwide, contact us.  
 It is down to the talent, skill expertise experiance and the quality of the film.  Hollywood Studios and their investors have often made hundreds of millions of dollars from one hit movie. Now you can mirror their success for your company.

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